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College Pro is giving you the opportunity to set an achievable, yet uncommon and very impressive New Year’s resolution – in 2013 you can run your own College Pro franchise. That being said, if you are the person who was bored of the gym after two visits in 2012, this opportunity is not for you. However, if you are ambitious, self-motivated, money-hungry, and business-oriented, this New Year’s resolution is for you.  At College Pro, goal setting is supported. In fact, success for College Pro’s painting and window cleaning franchisees is based on goals – and hitting them!  Franchisees have a weekly phone call with their coach to review the previous week’s achievements and set goals for the upcoming week (as they pertain to the year-end goal in the business).  You can do the math…if a franchisee is constantly missing their weekly goals, it is unlikely they will hit their year-end goals.  Essentially, making your New Year’s resolution “I am going to run a C

ollege Pro franchise” is like setting one hundred little resolutions inside of one big resolution. As difficult as that sounds, following through with one hundred little resolutions will teach you more than you will ever learn in university, will allow you to earn more income than at any other summer job, and will put you leaps ahead of your classmates in the experience section of your resume.

Every year, tons of people set New Year’s resolutions, which are most often self-improvement goals.  You know all the common ones: going to the gym, resisting fast food, reading more, etc.  For most, these goals don’t even make it through the month of January.  Like me, you probably roll your eyes when someone tells you their New Year’s resolution is to get in shape. You know that although this person will probably get bored of the gym after two visits, they likely had the same goal last year, and will set the same goal again next year.

More than ever, experience counts too:

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