College Pro Painters has been in the business of painting homes for over 40 years.  From the onset, College Pro Painters took the leap to hire and train college students in the painting process and to teach and coach good business practices for each student’s own franchise.   It is with this student entrepreneurial spirit that many success stories have been born.Why hire College Pro Painters


Each franchisee goes through a tough hiring process.


The job of running your own business as a franchise owner is far from easy and it is not for everyone.  The hours are long and the work can be gruelling.  However, the end result can be worth every minute of it.  As a college or university student, there is no better opportunity than to be able to apply what you learn in class to real life experiences. There are some student entrepreneurs that return year after year to resume their business.  This spirit of success speaks for itself.


Many franchise owners take part within their communities and are involved in different charity projects in giving back to their communities.   This is exactly what the customer does when hiring them – it lends student support and gives back to the community.


Of course there is the corporate website for your reference as to the products and services that College Pro Painters offers and there is a wealth of information there, but, in addition, some franchisees also have a website on-line.  Here you will learn more about your local franchisee:  their particular interests, education, their future goals, and, most importantly, why they took on the challenge of running their own business for the summer.  Either way, your local franchisee will be able to show you work done by College Pro.


The goal of every College Pro Entrepreneur is to make money over the course of the summer to help with tuition costs.  College Pro Painters student entrepreneurs, who make optimum use of their time over the summer, have the chance to do this.


If you have asked yourself, why you should hire college student painters, why don’t you set up an appointment and give your College Pro Painters franchisee an opportunity to meet with you?  They will be pleased to provide you with a fair and competitive estimate.  You decide if this person and their team is who you would like to have paint your home!


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